Heat Experience Packages

Heat Experience Packages

As part of many successful pool package completions, Neuman Aqua are also able to offer within our scope a full range of thermal experiences.

Including high end installations of the more common experience offerings such as saunas, steam rooms, experience showers, through our specialist and experienced partners.

We choose to work with the leading suppliers in the industry in a changing and expanding market and have experience and full knowledge in more bespoke experience elements such as:

  • Crystal Steam Room
  • Citrus Steam Room
  • Feature Shower
  • Ice Cave
  • Foot spa
  • Heated loungers
  • Aspen Sauna
  • Salt Sauna

Utilising the different suppliers in the market, offers us the opportunity to ensure we are always keeping up to speed with latest developments and possibilities from all areas, whilst calling upon years of knowledge from experienced and stable companies- to ensure when required, different approaches and limitations on specific projects can be called upon to ensure we can achieve in our offerings.

In the past we have found the following key benefits of including your Heat Experience/ Wellness package with Neuman Aqua:

  • One company for wellness and spa elements to communicate with and progress design with
  • Programme interfaces and services all captured under one roof.
  • Removes the direct procurement through two companies where split responsibilities may be seen.
  • Neuman Aqua can add their knowledge and experience through the design process to ensure the clients requirements and consultants specifications are matched and delivered.
  • Combined Servicing & Maintenance opportunities for both pools and heat experience packages become possible.

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Here are just a few examples of our work with Heat Experience Packages.

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